Abandoned Theme Parks

From a gallery of abandoned theme parks by Seph Lawless. I spent a lot of time at Geauga Lake (the photo at the top) when I was younger. It was smaller than Cedar Point, but also closer. Lots of good memories. And, hard to believe now, there was once a Sea World park right across the lake.

Geauga Lake
Lake Shawnee

Theme Park Maps

Wonderful collection of park maps from as far back as 1931. I have quite a few Cedar Point maps of my own that I saved from the early nineties when I would go several times a year. They’re great free souvenirs.

Also, check out the brochures, like this one from 1985.

Cedar Point, 1985

Not beautiful, but it brings back some fond memories, and now the stupid jingle from the 1985 TV commercial is stuck in my head. Amusement parks are magic places, and Cedar Point in the summertime is the best.

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