Arrested Development, Season 5

Netflix is bringing Arrested Development back for a fifth season in 2018. The entire cast is returning, and it sounds like the scheduling problems that hampered season four won’t be an issue this time.

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Say Goodbye to the Netflix New Release Rental

Netflix has entered into an agreement that will oblige customers to wait a month to rent new releases from Warner Bros.

Today is sad day for Netflix customers. The online video rental supplier has just announced an agreement with Warner Bros. that will forever alter your online rental experience. Now should you wish to rent a Warner Bros. flick you’ll have to wait out a 28-day holding period after the film’s initial DVD release date.

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Netflix Streaming Coming To The Wii Very Shortly

Maybe as early as the end of this year, Netflix will bring its streaming service to the Wii. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait for the Wii HD to be released.

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