Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The latest chapter in the Super Mario saga looks awesome.

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Google’s Playable Pac-Man Logo

Google's homepage with the Pac Man video game logo

Google celebrates the 30th anniversary of the release of Pac-Man in Japan by incorporating their logo in a custom, playable version of the old coin-op arcade game.

It’s the first time one of their doodles, Google’s name for their series of commemorative logos, has been interactive. Apparently it is a full 255 level game, including a kill screen at level 256, just like the original.

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Nintendo system and five games sell for $13,105

An auction for an original NES bundled with 5 games recently brought in $13, 105 on ebay. It was Family & Fitness Stadium Events, in the original packaging, that drove the price up. Soon after the initial launch the game would be re-branded as World Class Track Meet, but the original incarnation saw only limited release and production in the holiday season of 1987. It is considered one of the rarest licensed NES games you can buy.

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Ms. Pac-Man Was Once A Man Named Otto

One wonders if this news has any effect on her relationship with Pac-Man.

You may not know this, but Ms. Pac-Man was once a dude. She also used to eat monsters instead of ghosts and run around on giant legs.

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